Hawk-e is prepared to process classified information

The Hawk-e Company is prepared organizationally and personally to process classified information, in paper form, marked as "Zastrzeżone", "NATO Restricted", "Restreint UE / EU Restricted", "ESA Restricted" and other materials from international exchange marked as "Restricted" or its foreign equivalent.

Hawk-e has received Industrial Security Certificate

On May 26, 2021, Hawk-e received Industrial Security Certificate. In this way, the Company was included in the group of business entities possessing Industrial Security Certificate. The proceedings in this case were conducted at the request of the entrepreneur by the Homeland Security Agency (ABW) was aimed at determining whether the Company has the ability to protect classified information classified as "Confidential", inter alia in the following aspects: financial, organizational and personal.

The Company will continue to take active steps to obtain a certificate of compliance with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 27001 standard, issued by an accredited certification body, which confirms that Hawk-e meets international standards in the area of ​​information security management.

Industrial security certificate scan